App UI/UX Design and Development for uPark

Designed and developed the concept and UI/UX for uPark, a social app to assist people in finding parking. Like other social wayfinding applications such as Waze, uPark aims to contribute to the ‘common good’ out on the road, and create an interactive experience to allow users to participate in creating virtual alerts for other drivers, ultimately making finding parking much more manageable.

It works like this: type in your destination and keep the uPark app open on your phone to passively communicate data such as speed and traffic delays. To participate more actively, users can share road reports about parking situations in that area, such as spot availability, towing times, construction zones, meter prices, parking structure vacancy, and accessibility for handicapped drivers and passengers. By engaging as many users as possible, uPark creates a real-time guide to finding parking.

Full report and case study available upon request.

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