My Monthly Playlist: August

Another month, another playlist. But this time, here are my jams from my recent trip to Europe. I plan to make a more thorough blog post about our travels.

Some highlights:

Mt. Joy – Just saw them in concert, they’re a raw rock group with great jams.

Mac Miller – His new album Swimming is a great listen. After his recent passing, it takes on a whole new meaning. RIP.

Disclosure – These England boys never disappoint, hyped myself up with their new releases as I prepared for our stop in London.


My Monthly Playlist: January

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of my monthly playlists here. It’s been a goal of mine to create a new playlist once a month and curate it with new music that I’ve found through blogs, recommendations, emails, other playlists…oldies and newbies. Here’s my concoction for January, and here’s to another year full of monthly music playlists!


My Monthly Playlist: August

I made a resolution this year to make a new playlist every month, consisting of songs recommended by friends, blogs, and Spotify’s personally curated playlists. Whether old or new, each playlist reflects on what I was thinking or feeling, jamming out to, and often what shows or festivals I was planning to attend or had recently attended. Check out my August playlist here, feel free to go back into my account to see the past 9 months.