Citrix + Red Bull Racing

Art Director on the Havas + Citrix + AMRBR team

The client:
Citrix is a multinational technology company providing a suite of software solutions, from virtual desktops, SAAS, networking, server, to cloud computing.

The ask:
We took an existing brand campaign and began to evolve the messaging from branded illustrations promoting their software solutions, to recreating the way Citrix is involved in the workplace of its users. Citrix’s vision of redefining the way we work transitioned well into the stories that their partners had, benefiting from their products and improving their abilities to work however they want, wherever they want.

The idea:
Enabling the new mobile workforce through digital, mobile and secure software solutions so that you can work wherever, whenever.

The partnership:
We focused in on their partner, Red Bull F1 Racing, and told their story though a series of rich media, outdoor, print, and digital placements. However, the most pivotal piece was creating the microsite, to help drive customers from enjoying and learning about this case study, to converting.

The microsite:
FWA Site of the Day, Awwwards Site of the Day, CSSDesignAwards Site of the Day, nominated for FWA People’s Choice Award

View the microsite here

newmobileworkforce website laptop mock.png

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