Citrix Brand Campaign


Art Director on the Havas + Citrix team

The client:
Citrix is a multinational technology company providing a suite of software solutions, from virtual desktops, SAAS, networking, server, to cloud computing.

The idea:
Our team was tasked with creating a 360 brand campaign for Citrix. After a successful, award-winning year for our integrated campaign we needed to create a high-level message that would encompass all of the Citrix case studies and highlight how Citrix benefits each one.

The solution:
After our successful 2017 campaign of “This is how the future works” we created a campaign that would encompass the audience’s questions, and positioning Citrix as the solution. Simply “how” is the question and the answer. Citrix is how you adapt to new markets, work dynamically, increase productivity, and scale up for the needs of your own business.

The “how” mark:
We aimed to make this campaign aspirational, to create an emotional connection with viewers. With a focal point on the horizon, the viewer is the driver seat looking toward the future. With experience, choice and security at the heart of the digital workspace rings, the how mark demonstrates the values of innovation, productivity and humanitarianism. Our team designed the mark to be integrated into the creative, highlighting unexpected uses of the Citrix technology, with authentic photos of work activities, underscoring workspaces as an experience and choice. The concept of How is visually integrated in these moments communicating the seamless technology that is behind the workforce and the workspaces.


Brand Spot



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Content partnerships and digital banners

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