Citrix + AMRBR Helipad Stunt

Art director on the Citrix + Havas + AMRBR team

Our team planned and executed a shoot for Citrix highlighting the AMRBR partnership once again. We orchestrated and directed a shoot, where we lifted a AMRBR car onto the top of a Miami skyscraper, where we filmed their driver doing donuts on a helipad, 709 feet up. We captured the video which was then featured on ESPN and other media outlets around the world.

The helipad stunt was an opportunity to create an exciting opening moment at the awe-inspiring F1 Festival that was hosted in Miami that weekend. We created this piece of content to not only do this moment justice, but to be thrilling and engaging to the point that all involved partners distributed it to their extended audiences while driving brand awareness for Citrix in an unexpected way. No scripts, no acting, no filters.



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