3 years of Monthly Spotify Playlists?!

For the last few years I’ve made it a goal of mine to curate a monthly Spotify playlist. Last month marked the 3 year mark to that commitment.

Since it’s not always easy to do, here are some tips to finding good new music:

  • Follow all your favorite artists on Spotify, and follow new ones that you like. Your Release Radar playlist will pull in new music by them each week so you’re the first to know about new music.
  • Noon Pacific playlists, released 3 times a week, have some awesome grooves
  • Stella Spoils weekday newsletters always include a new tune, not to mention other good things like articles and visual inspiration
  • Soundcloud – some happy accidents have introduced me to good music simply because it was the next cued song
  • Listen to albums start to finish. The impact is much different than listening to singles.


And now, here’s my WIP playlist for September: