1 Year with Havas San Francisco

What a year it has been! This month marks my one-year anniversary working as an Art Director at Havas San Francisco. While this year has seen many changes for our company, I’ve learned so much and am so excited for what’s to come.

Favorite memories of 2017, in no particular order:

  • Happy hours for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and everything in between
  • Working with my Citrix team members on the Red Bull Racing New Mobile Workforce website, and getting FWA Site of the Day, Awwwards site of the day, CSSDesignAwards site of the day, and nominated for the FWA people’s choice award!
  • Spearheading the Havas Instagram takeover and starting our Spotify account
  • Experiencing the solar eclipse with the team
  • Getting the entire Game of Thrones storyline ruined for me by our summer interns
  • Helping with our Havas Art Labs internal showcases
  • Receiving an invitation to attend our summer company offsite at the La Quinta resort in Palm Springs, and participating in the discussions of how to grow my career
  • Participating in our global Save the Children Walk-a-thon
  • Finishing it all off on the dance floor at our company holiday party!


Here are a few of my favorite pics from said memories:







SAve the children walkathon.png